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The files for this specific product can be seen at: http://www.dontronics.com/micks-mite/files/index.php?dir=01+MuP+V3%2F

The programmed MicroMite Chip can be purchased from here:


The harder to get components can be purchased from here:
This doesn't include all components.

The programmed USB-UART Microblocks U2SP-DIP chip can be purchased from here:

The programmed USB-UART Open Source chip can be purchased from here:

The MBG MuP-VT is NOT compatible with the MuP3 (well it will work without the U2SP, but that defeats the purpose of a MuP3)

Board Concept.   

Full hardware design for the MicroMite (uMite) project can be found here:   http://geoffg.net/micromite.html

The Mick uMite PCB (from here on called MuP) was originally released in May-2014 and has proven to be very popular. With the advent of MicroBlocks U2SP-DIP PIC16F1455 based Serial-TTL and PIC programmer chip I have decided to create MuP Ver 3 and incorporate this chip in the design. This chip not only provides the USB functionality that the uMite needs to communicate to a connected PC it also has cleverly included a programming function (described later in this manual). This chip is not public domain and can be purchased separately from MicroBlocks or, as I have permission from MicroBlocks to distribute these, from me.
I have kept MuP Ver3 the exact same size as MuP Ver2 and kept the 3 headers J1, J2 & J3 in the same locations, relative to each other, so that plug in boards would still be functional and interchangeable between version 2 and version 3. 

This document should be read in conjunction with the manual for MuP version 2 as there are many similarities in its design, although MuP version 3 has been redesigned from scratch. 

Changes and additions from Version 2.
I have made several changes to Version 3 and as a consequence some headers and components have been removed and others have been added. The following are the most obvious differences with Version 3.

1. MuP Ver.3 may now be built entirely using through-hole components. The only SMD components are the VCap (which I have added two THP pads to use a standard Tantalum if you chose to do so) and VReg 1 (which may be substituted by a TO-220 version, in the VReg 2 position). NOTE!! Do NOT install both VRegs as that will cause instability of the power supply.

2. Removed the option for a USB-TTL cable as the on-board MB chip does that function for you.

3. Added a 5 pin SPI header interface.

4. Added a Reset header.

5. Added a Pgm header. (see details later in this document)

6. Added a Pgm LED. (see details later in this document)

7. Added support for the Microblocks chip.

8. Added a mini-USB (THP) connector. 

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All Maximite and MicroMite support is done on The Back Shed forum at:

You will find the MaxiMite Basic author Geoff Graham offering support there also.

All of the Micks-Mites range of items are considered available only for the hobbyist market, and are priced to suit.

(NOTE **** Most smaller quantities of Microblock products will fit into the small package)

All MGB products are manufactured by Mick Gulovsen, and are based on Geoff Graham's PIC Based MicroMite Basic Computer system. These can be programmed in MMBasic and allows for C extensions for fast routines.


The Micromite is a Microchip PIC32 microcontroller programmed with the free MMBasic firmware. These chips cost from $4 to $10 and are available in a variety of packages from 28 pins to 100 pins. When programmed with the Micromite firmware they make a powerful and easy to program microcontroller that is ideal for most hobby projects.


MMBasic is a Microsoft BASIC compatible implementation of the BASIC language with floating point, integer and string variables, arrays, long variable names, a built in program editor and many other features.

Using MMBasic you can use communications protocols such as I2C or SPI to get data from a variety of sensors. You can measure voltages, detect digital inputs and drive output pins to turn on lights, relays, etc.  Special features include the ability to use touch sensitive LCD displays, temperature sensors, distance sensors and more.


Mick has concentrated on the extremely tiny Micromite range. All of Mick's working files are located here.

All support is done via "The Back Shed" Support Forum. These products are very small, so local and international shipping-postage can be done at minimal costs.

Postage costs on these items are $3 for Australia, and $8 for the rest of the world, as they are sent in a small package. You will find further information on the shipping page during checkout.  All of these items are posted to you direct from MBG, Hillside, Melbourne, Australia.

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In order to get postage cost down to a "One size Fits All" transaction, we have made the minimum shipping cost the price of a Small Package. Please don't be offended if you get your board(s) in a standard Letter. You simply can't post off a $1 board (or a small quantity), add the price of a basic letter stamp cost, and make enough profit for our time and trouble for this transaction. Consider it like a flag fall on a Taxi meter, as it has to cover basic shipping and handling.


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