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Australian GST (Goods and Services Tax)

Australian GST (Goods and Services Tax)

We had Australian Tax Office GST officers on our premises in Feb 2000, and below are the results of determinations made by them regarding GST.

These determinations were set out in writing to us. In fact, we were the firstto get these rulings, as the Tax Office had never come across the range and types of transactions we were dealing with on the internet. We received the written determinations two days before the GST was introduced in Australia.

Purchases made by customers living outside of Australia are not subject to GST. For customers within Australia, the following applies:

Software files purchased through Dontronics:

Software files purchased via Dontronics and downloaded from the Author's website outside of Australia are considered a taxable supply by the AustralianTaxation Office and 10% GST is payable at the time of purchase.

If you are a business, you can simply claim the 10% GST, as an input tax credit.Problem solved.


If you are an individual, then we will overcome this additional 10% GST charge,by offering a 10% discount for Australian customers paying GST. This will then enable you to pay the same global price as anyone else.

This can be done in one of two ways:

Contact Penny in sales if you wish to go ahead with this. Please don't claim the10% discount if you are a business, as you will be getting the 10% offas a tax credit anyway, and our 10% discount offer will not apply.

Hardware shipped from Dontronics in Australia:
Allhardware purchases shipped from Dontronics from Melbourne, Victoria or directly from a manufacturer from any other location within Australia to Australian residents will attract 10% GST.

Hardware delivered directly via a non-Australian company through Dontronics:

Goods purchased through Dontronics and delivered via a non-Australian company effectively makes the customer the importer and as such, the customer will be liable for any tax payable.  In most cases however, goods may be GST-free under the 'Insubstantial Value Provisions'.
Goods of insubstantial value are goods on which Customs Duty and Taxes come to$50 or less, and which have a customs value of:
  • less than$1000 (for goods imported by post), or
  • less than $250 (by other means).

  • *less than $250 (by other means).* changed  from 8th October 2005 aspart of
    the Australian Customs Service's Cargo Management Re-engineering Project.

    Relevant quote from:

    Basically$1000 value can be imported via any means, but exclude
    consignments containing tobacco, tobacco products or alcoholic beverages.

    From our own experience, 99% of low value imports (less than $1000) do not attract any additional import fees into Australia.

    Bear in mind that all Australian businesses can claim this additional 10% as a tax input credit.

    The GST payable amount will be given in dollars and cents.  Our Australian Business Number (ABN), the GST payable component and the words "Tax Invoice"will appear on all statements where GST is payable and Tax Inputs may be claimable.

    Dontronics ABN is: 11 074 600 626