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CodeVisionAVR upgrade from Standard to Advanced version (includes LCD Vision font editor)

CodeVisionAVR upgrade from Standard to Advanced version (includes LCD Vision font editor)

EU VAT can add up to 27% to the price of Codevision. As you are purchasing from an Australian Company, we can't charge you VAT
US customers, you will find our prices very much cheaper than listed US retail prices.

Upon purchase, your order details will be sent to HP InfoTech Sales Division, so that full instructions can be sent to you regarding this product and download details. Please note that due to time differences between your location and Europe, you may receive the License ID with a delay that may be up to 12 to 24 hours.

Applicable only during a valid 1 year update and technical support period. Please note that if your Technical Support period has lapsed you must also purchase a Support Extension.


LCD Vision is an application designed for creating, editing font data and exporting it in form of C source code, compatible with the CodeVisionAVR Graphic LCD Library.

Fonts can be created from scratch or imported from the installed system fonts.


Note: The LCD Vision font editor can be used only with an Advanced CodeVisionAVR license.




If you need additional support on the above product, and you can't find the information you need in the documentation, then please contact Pavel at the address below or join the group listed below:



This product is from: HP InfoTech S.R.L. http://www.hpinfotech.ro
Email: office AT hpinfotech.ro

We now have a discussion forum dedicated to CodeVisionAVR
You may join by sending an e-mail to: codevisionavr-subscribe AT yahoogroups.com, or ask at http://www.avrfreaks.net forums. This is a very helpful group with 4000+ users devoted to the AVR.

Discussion group dedicated to the CodeVisionAVR C Compiler for the Atmel AVR microcontrollers

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CodeVision AVR and ChipBlaster AVR Software - Terms and Conditions of Sale

This license file is delivered via email from the software Author in Europe.  Due to time zone differences it may take 12 to 24 hours after Dontronics receives your order before your software license is emailed from the Author.

As soon as Dontronics staff process your order, you will be sent the latest download and installation instructions, along with a Dontronics Registration Number.  Once you have installed the software, you can access your Serial Number which you will need to send to the Author.  The software Author will then provide you with the license file needed to use the Compiler.

All of this will be explained in detail following receipt of your order.


How long after ordering before I receive my key?

Due to time zone differences, there may be a delay of 12 to 24 hours following receipt of your order before you receive your license file from HP InfoTech.    On occasions, company servers have blocked emails containing a Codevision license file without the customers knowledge, so if more than 2 days have passed since you forwarded on your Serial Number to the Author, please send us an email and let us know, and we will follow this up for you.

Problems with a 'Free' email address

99% of the attempts made to steal goods from us come from people using a free email service in conjunction with credit card payments.  Free email contact addresses are accepted as long as the order is not paid for by credit card. PayPal is fine.

If you're a previous Dontronics customer and have an order history longer than six months, then credit card payment in conjunction with a free email address is acceptable.  Initially, we will need you to remind us of your previous order details but once you Register and log in to the new Dontronics Shopping Cart, this will create a history so in future we can see that you are a customer who has been with us for some time.  The reason we ask for proof of purchase older than 6 months, is because credit card charge-backs (fraudulent orders) can occur up to 6 months after the initial purchase.

I've lost my software registration key.  Can you issue me another key?

We understand that software license files can be lost due to a number of reasons.  When you purchase from us, we advise that you save your Dontronics Registration Number and license file to a backup drive.

As this license file is sent directly from the software Author, Dontronics staff are unable to re-issue a new license file should you need a new one.  You will need to contact  HP InfoTech directly, although Dontronics staff should be able to locate your original order and Registration number quickly if you are able to provide us with a few helpful details.  These include your name or the company name that the order was originally placed in, an approximate date of the order, your Dontronics Registration Number, and any email exchanges we may have made.  Having these details on hand will help HP Infotech locate your original order details without too much delay.

Can I purchase a CD for the web-downloaded software you offer?

We do not provide copies of our web-downloaded software on CD for purchase.  Selling software by web-download ensures that the latest version is always available and it helps keep our prices to a minimum as we will not have outdated or obsolete software sitting on shelves on CD.  This also by-passes any potential problems with sending goods through Customs which is always a good thing!

CodeVision Support Extensions:
To assist us to process your order faster, if purchasing CodeVision Support Extension please include your previous Dontronics Registration Number or details of your previous purchase (ie. approximate date of purchase, name that the purchase was made in) in the 'Customer Notes' text box provided during Checkout.


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