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Customer Feedback

13-Feb-2014 Iliya Englin NEW ZEALAND  It arrived today, which is a speed record for any delivery I've had here, even from inside NZ. What a fantastic service, thank you very much. Do you have a compliments page? I tested to product - works as advertised, although for Win7 you need the zip file with all of the dll's, not just the one. Many thanks.

31-May-2013 Xingyan Guo, WA Australia Dear Ms McKenzie, Thank you very much for your professional customer service. I'm so impressed about your company's high standard business practices. I'll email you as soon as I receive the package. And I will keep on ordering from your company whenever I need more stuffs for my project, and I will recommend Dontronics to my friends who need electronics products. Have a nice weekend! Best regards, Serena.

29-May-2013 Kevin Maciunas SA Australia  As always - a pleasure to buy from you.  Just in case you're wondering - this is for a team of final year BE students who are building the command and control system for a small satellite.  It is a functional mock for the on-board computer we'll get later in the year.  This is part of the European Space Agency's QB50 project.  The satellite will go up in 2015.  So at last : we have something that IS rocket science :) Cheers Kevin

15-Jan-2013 David Scambler, VIC Australia Thanks Penny, I have experienced nothing but excellent value from Dontronics.Dave

03-Jan-2013 Adrian Rosenzweig SA Australia I have been using the EasySync Premium GOLD USB-RS232 Adapter cable (1 Meter cable) for several years now with both WinXP and Win7 (and WinXP Mode) on everything from C-Bus and Dynalite to UPS Systems and PLC Units. I haven't come
across anything in my work yet that it won't talk to. Highly recommended!

08-Aug-2012 Che Peake, SA Australia Hi Penny, Sorry I meant to get back to you earlier, but just wanted to say thank you for organising these so quickly. The cables work perfectly, so much better than the flaky one I've been using for the last two years. I've already recommended them on to half a dozen people! Cheers Ché

03-Aug-2012 Mark Saltmarsh Essex United Kingdom  Hi, Just wanted to say that the package arrived safely this morning - not only is it cheaper to buy from you than in Europe, you are faster too! Thank you for your amazing service. I'll have no hesitation in ordering from you again in the future, will happily recommend you to others, and will display my little koala on my desk with pride  ;o) Regards,Mark.

07-Oct-2011 Howard Liang, Georgia USA Hi Penny, I just received my order in the post today and just wanted to send a quick "Thank You" for the excellent service and promptness your company provides. I will definitely order from your company in the future and if I have the opportunity will give a favorable on-line review and will certainly recommend to others who would have a use for products on your site. Thanks again, Howard.

25-Jun-2011 Grant Pinkney NSW  Australia HI Penny All sorted now. Thanks for your help. I wish all suppliers I deal with were as efficient as Dontronics. Grant Pinkney

25-May-2011 Max Perry, NSW Australia Hi, I received the DB9/RS232 to USB cable this morning. It is working perfectly! I am using it to monitor a Solar Power inverter (which has only DB9/RS232 PC output) using a netbook that only has USB ports. In case you get enquiries from someone else trying to do this, my inverter is a Xantrex GT2.8. Many thanks for your excellent service and product! Cheers, Max Perry

04-Apr-2011 Deon Rowley NSW  Australia Hi David (Mecanique), Penny and Don (Dontronics), Thank you very much with helping me out on this. I have successfully downloaded and installed MCSP. I can now get started on my urgent project (after replacing my old development machine). May I take this opportunity to say that I am very impressed with the quality, usability and reliability of the PBP and MCSP combination. I have used this software platform for many years now for private and commercial projects, and plan to use it for the future. Thanks again all for great products and excellent customer service. Regards Deon 

28-Mar-2011 Simon Sherson Geraldine New Zealand Penny what are you doing over there? It's Monday morning and I have received your parcel, I can't believe it, over weekend service. Thank you very much, you put the local suppliers to shame. I'm 30Km out of Timaru in a rural town with one delivery per day. I'm still in shock. Cheers Simon

24-Oct-2010 Geoffrey Scott Western Australia AUSTRALIA Penny, Item arrived safely Thursday and tested over the weekend. Great product... worked without hassles, unlike several others I've tried. Many thanks. Geoff Geoff purchased EasySync Premium GOLD USB-RS232 Adapter cable ( 10cm cable )

19-Jan-2010 Bob Forlenza Pennsylvania USA Penny,As always, it is a please during business with you and Dontronics. Purchasing components are quick, easy and with a personal touch (wow what a concept). Thanks again and have a great day.Regards, Bob Forlenza

13-Nov-2009 Mark Sully VIC AUSTRALIA Hi Don & Penny, just used the US232R-10 that i got last week, from placement of order to delivery, one day. IT WORKS, i've tried all the others (wasted so much money) It work the first time and without hesitating  :-) . Thank You Mark Sully Car Stereo Repairs Keilor 

12-Aug-2009 Crawford da Silva QLD AUSTRALIA Dear Penny thank you for the speedy email. I'd like to thank you as well as Dontronics for such a fast and efficient service! (My order arrived shortly after the email!) Regards, Crawford da Silva ps I'll be shopping with dontronics again!

29-Jul-2009 Christopher Pasman MANILA PHILLIPINES Well I so far you have the most efficient & accurate on-line ordering service I had experienced  transacting with in the Asia Pacific region. I was at first hesitant to transact onlline due to the shipping consideration. Since most of the online store are using the global parcel services but with your case although it takes around 3 to 4 weeks to arrive here in the Philippines but the package has arrived correct as ordered and well handled. Regarding to the quality (by profession) I can say that its world class... I would recommend your store to all customers who are looking for the best service in online micro controller & electronics parts sale.  Also I really appreciate the prompt response direct from you and in occasions from Don regarding my emails. So keep up the good business policy you have and rest assured when it comes to my future projects I will still be happy & loyally be ordering from your store. Thanks & Regards Chris

09-Jun-2009 Zvonimir Rudomino, CROATIA Hi Penny, I just wanted to let you know that shipment arrived today. I must say I'm AMAZED at the lightning speed of delivery. I'll be sure to buy from you next time I need something related to PICs and I will surely recomend you to others. ;-) Very best regards Zvonimir

26-Feb-2009 MB, NSW AUSTRALIA Thankyou for looking so seriously at my order. You're dead right, the cables are meant for the boards in the order. I ordered the wrong bloody thing. As always, pleasure doing business with you and Penny. Regards MB

23-Feb-2009 Tracy Scott New York USA Every thing I have received, 4 orders now, has been carefully shipped. Everything perfect. Always a pleasure opening the package and seeing all the new parts. What a lot of fun. Every one I've had contact with has been so friendly and professional. Thanks for a really good internet shopping experience. Tracy Scott

23-Feb-2009 Robert Flatman QLD AUSTRALIA Many thanks Penny. Goods arrived quickly in great shape.  Will be happy to recommend Dontronics to any interested friends. Regards, Robert Flatman 

21-Jan-2009 Bob Forlenza  PennsylvaniaUSA Penny, Thanks for the customer service and update.  It is nice know that there are companies out there that understand the term "customer service" and actually do it.  My experience with Dontronics has always good, so thank you for continuing that high level of service. Please do not forget my Koala bear...they are a big hit here in my office in the States... Warmest regards, Bob Forlenza

16-Dec-2008 Guy Macon posted via: Newsgroups: comp.arch.embedded. I have said this before, but it's worth repeating. At my lab at work we have dozens of these various Dontronics boards, displays, etc. running all sorts of long-term tests on our products. They do what they say they do, are easy to use, and never give us any sort of trouble. They just work. I have no relationship with Dontronics other than as a happy customer.  BTW, our purchasing department likes them as well. Apparently some other vendors can be difficult for a corporate purchasing agent to to work with.

27-Oct-08 John Reveley Christchurch NZ Thanks!, You guys are so good and so are the products.  Prototyping almost done. Best you keep lots of stock!
Cheers John  John purchased 4d-Micro-OLED-160-GMD1 Module and Graphics Controller

09-Jul-08 Eva Fazekas NSW AUSTRALIA Hello Don, Thank you for this email, I did read on your website that the date of postage is Wed. This site is very impressive and so informative. Well done! Many thanks for all your help.

27-Jun-08 Mark Turnbull Hampton VIC AUSTRALIA The adaptor has been running continuously online with a Siemens S5 PLC for 10 hours straight with no issues. You haved saved me at least 300 dollars buying a cable out of Germany using the FTDI chipset. Again Thanx , great product. Regards Mark 

21-May-08 Stu Harper Auckland NEW ZEALAND Hi Penny / Don, I must say thanks very much to both of you, you have a really great Follow up and Service ethic and I look forward to getting this cable so I can run some trials, hopefully I will be in touch again if all goes well to purchase some more of them. Many thanks 

29-Apr-08 Ken Maynard - Lyttelton NEW ZEALAND Goods arrived in NZ in less than a week. Thanks for excellent service. Thanks also for the baby koala!

03-Apr-08 Andrew Robson VIC AUSTRALIA Hi Penny and Don.I received the Easysync yesterday.  Thank-you for such a fast response.  I tried it today on an Innovate Motorsport Air/Fuel Ratio meter and data logger and it worked perfectly!!!.  This is the third cable that I have tried so I wasn’t going to hold my breathe…but what a relief when it worked. Thank-you very much. Cheers, Andrew Robson

07-Mar-08 Steve Lusted WA AUSTRALIA Hello Dude, I am very impressed with your service, my order came today and delivered to me in Western Australia, this is the first time I have ever obtained good from the east so fast, well done guys, this is top service and will use you again, Kind and happy regards Steve Lusted 
Goods were sent to Steve on 06-Mar-08 from Dontronics, Tullamarine, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA

21-Feb-08 Alain Baumann Barcelona SPAIN Hello, order arrived today, thanks. That's 8 days from koala - land to  Barcelona, pretty fast . By the way, a koala sneaked in the envelope, we'll have to adopt it :) Cheers, Alain 

29-Oct-2007 Marcus Andreotti Christchurch NEW ZEALAND Hello Penny and Don, Thank you very much! This is the first time we have dealt with Dontronics and I must say I am impressed with your response. Keep up the good job! All the best, Marcus

03-Oct-07 Stuart Ferguson QLD AUSTRALIA Just finished Clipsal C-BUS course and serial port and downloaded driver worked fine.Thanks mate.Tell Penny to add that text to the USB converter pages.Thanks again for the excellent service, no wonder Clipsal recomend you. 

28-Aug-07 Marcel Damhuis Overijssel NETHERLANDS Today I recieved the goods. As fast as always! Thank you very much!
Goods were sent to Marcel on 20-Aug-07 from Dontronics, Tullamarine, AUSTRALIA

12-Aug-07 Phillip Gardner VIC AUSTRALIA Hi Penny, This is the first time I have dealt with Dontronics and I must say I am impressed with your response. Thanks

12-Aug-07 Patrick Schwarz Aspach GERMANY Thank you very much for the fast shipping of my order. It arrived by me on Friday, 10-08-2007 and was a great birthday present :-). 
Goods were sent to Patrick on 6-Aug-07 from Dontronics, Tullamarine, AUSTRALIA

07-Aug-07 Renya Iizuka Kanagawa JAPAN Thank you. Goods (uOLED-96 & uOLED-128 BREAKOUT) arrived safely. I am very much satisfied with these goods! By the way, I appreciate an enclosed koala clip very much, too. When I am four years old, this koala clip looks like the thing being treasured. It was run over by a car, and the koala clip broke with being disappointed. Therefore, I appreciate your service heartily. Best regards,

06-Jul-07 Trevor Hobbs Canberra ACT AUSTRALIA  I would like to commend you on your web site. Very easy to use, responsive and well laid out.

05-Jul-07 Tony Ford Toowoomba QLD AUSTRALIA Hi Penny Parcel has arrived! Thank you... you have a great service. Regards Tony Ford 

26-May-07 Bert Schonewille Netherlands Received my order yesterday 24/05/2006. Everything just perfect. Tnx for the super fast handling!! Yours, Bert Schonewille

17-Apr-07 Sean Richards Canterbury New Zealand  Package arrived this morning, thanks for great service! So nice to be able to get things delivered so quickly and to deal with someone in our corner of the world. Cheers 

15-Mar-07 Michael Fischer Canterbury UK Dear Penny, Thanks very much for sending the order along. You might be pleased to  know that of the four orders I made, from USA, UK, Italy and  Australia, yours arrived first, despite me making it two days after  the others. 

07-Mar-07 Takako Tanaka JAPAN Hi Mr. Mckenzie, Thanks for the amazingly fast response! I have great respect for you who is burning the midnight oil, your service is terrific.Thank you again and Kind regards.

28-Feb-07 Alice Leda Pettirosso KAMBAH ACT Australia Thank you, the USB cable arrived safely and it does the job of downloading info from Laptop to Knitting Machine console so I'm very happy!! Best regards,  and thank you for great service, Alice 

23-Jan-07 Colin Fraser Wendouree VIC Australia Hello Penny, Goodies arrived today. Thanks again. The service has been perfect since I made my first purchase back in the early eighties. Kind regards 

23-Jan-07 Neil Davey Slacks CreekQLD AUSTRALIA Hi Penny, Don, Thanks a lot, no problem... your customer service is second to none... It's a pleasure dealing with you. Again, Thanks Regards Neil Davey

15-Dec-2006 Mark Gibbs Box Hill AUSTRALIA Thanks Penny and Don, Goods arrived on time and in one piece. Pity I didn’t know about these EasySync usb-rs232 4 years ago. I have tried 4 different Keyspan and Prolilific models on two different laptops with nothing but trouble and reliability problems for 4 years. I even bought another desktop pc to get around the problems of bad serial ports. Cheap and unreliable is no bargain at all. Easysync installed first go, ran perfectly first and every time ever since (well for two days anyway). I think I'm in developer heaven. Thanks once again.

27-Nov-06 Jose Arias CA, USA Hi Penny, Thanks for the excellent service and quick response/shipping. I received the goods this Friday and everything arrived in good condition. It's a pleasure doing business with you... Thanks!! 

12-Nov-06 Richard Grodzik UK - Just a word of thanks. Just received the 1Mb OLED display and 5 minutes later it was up and running. Have been doing it the hard way, pic18252 and nokia 6100 color lcd with 32K memory. I get 2 frames. With your unit I get >25 frames. Now I can die happy. 

2-Sep-2006 Chris Jackson Mozal SARL BMS Dept Beloluane Site Maputo Mozambique Hi Don, First let me say how impressed I was with your quick and helpful reply, your service still is world-class! Thanks for the effort in following through.

16-Aug-2006 Jason Wright Kensington UK I appreciate all your help, ive dealt with your company twice now and had excellent service both times. I am very pleased with the products but more impressed with the personal service provided. If more online shopping was like this the net would be a much nicer place. Keep up the good work and I look forward to receiving the goods. Jason

27-Feb-2006 Ceri Workman Tewkesbury UK Hi everyone,  should have written earlier, but just to let you know, the LCD module and the USB module arrived safely last week, both work, and are excellent devices. Also the little flag-waving bear who snuck in the package is very happy here, although he got a bit excited when the Troys were 1 and 2 in the second World Superbike race yesterday! Will be un-bearable for the Phillip Island round... Again many thanks for bits, will be back for more later in year. Cheers, Ceri

26-Feb-2006 Peter Egan Tigerware Development Gawler SA AUSTRALIA Thanks Penny. It's great to work with an organisation with such a prompt and customer focussed service. I look forward to future transactions. Peter

7-Feb-2006 John Giattino Orange County, New York  Hi Don and friends, I’m really excited as I fired up my Micro LCD and was really amazed with the image clarity from this little screen. Clear as a shotgun barrel at 2 feet!!  A lot more comfortable to look at! I like the serial port connection.  My Intel 88CO196EC microcontroller has a two-pin serial port as well as an SSIO port that allows me to make a USB peripheral connection.  I’ll let you know which works better. Thanks for the fast service and the friendly reply emails.  I look forward to working with you good folk down under!! 

15-Dec-2005 Peter Naus Audiography Mitcham Vic Australia. G'day Penny (not Sharon  :)  and Don, The USB CRO arrived yesterday, it was working within 10 minutes, and it solved my 3-month old problem within an hour. Now I have to pack it up and put it back under the Christmas tree until Dec. 25... Thanks again for the super service! And have a safe and happy Christmas. Get away from people like me! Kindest regards, Pete

23-Nov-2005 Kathleen Cotton Coupeville WA USA Don, it was a pleasure to do business with you.  I do appreciate your attention to this return of merchandise. It portrays a merchant who is honest and customer oriented. Thanks again, Kathleen

21-Oct-2005 Bruce Matson Sebastopol California USA I received my order yesterday. Thanks for the excellent service.
Best regards, Bruce.

14-Oct-2005 Ben Nizette Malloch Digital Design Fyshwick ACT AUSTRALIA As promised, the products arrived this morning.  A pleasure as always Penny, thanks very much.

13-Oct-2005 Cameron Jowett Narre Warren AUSTRALIA I received my order (ordered Monday afternoon) on Wednesday morning. Thank you for the fast and efficient process. The transaction through your on-line store was so easy. Thank you once again. Cameron

7-Oct-2005 Ludo Van Even. Diest brabant Belgium Hi Penny , I recieved today the package in good condition, thanks for the fast and good service Best regards Ludo

8-Aug-2005 K Satheesan Pillai Philips Electronics Singapore Hello Sharon, Just to inform that I received the STK500 in good order. (There was a delay due a problem in local delivery). Thank you for your very quick response, and EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Best regards, Satheesan 

21-Jul-2005 Brian Warburton, Turbo Systems Consultants Limited UK Hi, just a quick note to thank you for your prompt dispatch of the copy of PicBasic Pro I recently ordered. It has arrived as expected and at a price 20% lower than I could have got it for in the UK, the enclosed SimmSticks look interesting as well !  Thanks very much, Brian. 

9-Jul-2005 Ashley Barrington MT BARKER AUSTRALIA Your website was recommended to me by someone in Toowoomba (word gets around) and I will post your web address to a sewing machine email group which I belong to, as apparently your usb/serial 232 converters are one of the few which work with a Pfaff sewing machine!! 

17-Jun-2005 Lynette Fagan Nekode Pty Ltd BALGOWLAH  NSW AUSTRALIA Many thanks for GREAT service, the goods arrived today. Regards Lynette

18-May-2005 Rudolf Fluetsch Staufen Aargau Switzerland Hi Don, I got the items yesterday - thanks for the koala, I loved the personal touch. It made me really think about paying down-under a visit, i.e. take a big vacation. Most aussies I met here are soo cool. You folks rule. Take care Rudy

13-May-2005 David Scambler Donvale AUSTRALIA Thankyou, and may I say - all my previous purchases via Dontronics are working
beautifully. regards

27-Apr-2005 Justin Regan JCR Engineering Murarrie QLD AUSTRALIA Hi Sharon, Thanks for the excellent service! Received the order (Bascom-AVR Key) within 6 working HOURS!

20-Apr-2005 Mark Dyball Australia Gday Don. Well I must say that your USB to COMMs port adapter worked perfect the first time. The security Boomgate system plugged directly into the comms port on the computer and the Wedge Reader plugged into your USB to COMMs port adapter and there was not one problem. The installer was not sure that it would work but was very surprised when It did without a problem. He said that he has had a lot of problems with this type of adapter.

12-Apr-2005 Kym Olson Adelaide Commercial Electrical Mitchell Park AUSTRALIA Thanks for the speedy delivery of my lead I purchased. Great service and product, look forward to dealing with you again.

5-Apr-2005 Richard Herlihy Greenwood Western Australia Greetings. A note to let you know that I received my order "1x USBMOD4" in good order and condition, although I still have to get it to operate with a Z86C91 micro. Thank you. I received it over a week ago but completely forgot to let you know. My sincere apologies. Sharon Burke handled my order and email to me. Thanks Sharon. Regards Richard Herlihy 

3-Feb-2005 Stewart Montano Clontarf  NSW AUSTRALIA Dear Sharon Burke, I am very happy and surprised at the speed with which you handled my order. Expecting that necessary steps take time, I had no idea the whole thing would be done with in less than 24 hours. This sort of response is great since it concerns a toy which I want to play with asap!!! Perhaps the formula one of online orders, and that includes the manual bit with the fax. Thanks

29-Jan-2005 Dontronics - Outstanding supplier of micrcontroller parts and accesories. Best service of any online retailer I've ever dealt with. Dontronics is a superb supplier of microcontroller hardware and software, quality made and reasonably priced. Even though he is Australia, dealing with him over the internet is like being next door. Fast and reliable service.

26-Jan-2005 Kok Wai Looi Singapore Hi Sharon & Don, I just received my order yesterday (24/01/05) and I would like to thank you. It took about 10 days to Singapore standard air-mail. Thanks for the small Koala bear:-) Thanks.