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-94% DT201

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Is an add-on board for any of the above. Usually has the I/O application, but can be a mini tool as well for a SimmStick or any other product.

These prices are for bare boards only.

Currently we have:

DT201 Details
DT201 Order
One Inch Prototype board.

DT203 Details
DT203 Order
24 LEDs, 4/8 switches on a SimmStick platform. 2" module. Uses 1 to 3 ULN2803's, 4 momentary switches, 8 link selected switches.

DT204 Details
DT204 Order
Expansion board for SimmStick Bus. 2" Module.
1) Can be used just to add 4 slots to a bus. The bus continues through.
2) Used as a right angle or left angle bus connection, so that you can have a SimmStick facing up or down, or both.
3) Signal Isolation and cross connection using either links or DIP switches.
4) Convert Simm connector to 30 pin Female.

DT205 Details
DT205 Order
Relay board for 4 relays. Carries a partial bus on to the next module so that a total of 16 relays could be used by cascading four boards. Uses SimmStick bus signals D0 to D15. Can select a group of 4 bits by placement of a single ULN2803 (or 2003) in one of four positions. 4 monitor LEDs. Screw terminals for outputs. Suits many Relay types. DT205 is a 2.5 Inch Board.

DT207 Details
DT207 Order
One Inch SimmStick Power Supply and RS-232 Comms.

DT208 Details
DT208 Order
SimmStick Adapter Board. This will allow you to convert "Fat" boards into the SimmStick standard thickness very easily.


If you need additional support on the above products, the SimmStick group should be able to assist you.
Mailing List  - SimmStick
SimmStick Overview


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