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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ordering Questions
Is payment by Credit Card safe over the internet, and what about international credit card transactions?
My Credit Card payment is asking for an additional password. Is this safe and legitimate?
Do you have student discounts?
Are there quantity discounts?
How much will my order cost in my local currency?
What if I don't have an email contact from a paid Internet Service Provider?
Why can't I just fax or email my order through?
Australian residents and GST
What payment methods are accepted?

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Is payment by credit card safe over the internet, and what about international credit card transactions?

Regardless of where you are in the world, payment for your order by credit card is done through a secure link to The Commonwealth Bank of Australia.  The Secure Credit Card Encryption used for payment by credit card is designed by Netscape and supported by Netscape, Microsoft, and SSL Browsers.

When you enter the bank payment site using the Secure Credit Card Secure Link, your Browser will tell you that you are in "secure transaction" mode by showing indicators on your Web Browser.

This is the solid blue line across the top, and the "Key" at the bottom left hand corner for Netscape Browsers, and the "Lock" symbol on Microsoft Explorer. The 'http' shown at the start of the URL changes also whenever you are within a secure site to 'https' - the 's' for secure.

Nobody at Dontronics gets to see your credit card details but you.

If in doubt, a healthy exchange of email messages helps build confidence in both directions. There is provision to send a message with all orders via the "Customer Notes" text box during Checkout.

My Credit Card payment is asking for an additional password. Is this safe and legitimate?

3-D Secure is an XML-based protocol used as an added layer of security for online credit and debit card transactions. It was developed by Visa to improve the security of Internet payments and offered to customers as the Verified by Visa service. Services based on the protocol have also been adopted by MasterCard, under the name MasterCard SecureCode, and by JCB International as J/Secure.

3-D Secure adds another authentication step for online payments. Merchants are encouraged to use 3-D Secure to achieve higher coverage against fraud losses. When a merchant does not use 3-D Secure they are liable for fraudulent transactions even if the transaction was properly authorized.

3-D Secure should not be confused with the Card Security Code which is a short numeric code that is printed on the card.

This explanation has been obtained through Wikipedia

If you wish to follow this up further with the Credit Card company for verification you can visit their websites below:
Visa Website
MasterCard Website

Do you have student discounts?

As we are distributors and not manufacturers or designers of our products, we can only offer student discounts to products approved by the product designers.  We have a very limited range of software which can be purchased at 'student' prices.

We require a fax or scan of your Student ID Card before we can process your order.  This can be faxed to: INT+ 613 9445 9202, or locally at: 03 9445 9202, or scanned and emailed to Sales.

If you're able to provide us with a copy of your Student ID Card, send us and email and we will be able to point you at the student discounts on offer.

Are there quantity discounts?

We do offer discounts for quantity purchases on most products.  You'll find the breakdown of quantities and the discount price in a table on each product information page.  Our Shopping Cart will automatically work out any quantity discounts that may apply for you.

Please note that shipping costs and taxes are default set for Australian residents.  Once you Register and Log in, these will automatically adjust to match your country.

Currency Converter

To convert from AUD to your local currency and help give you an idea of the cost, The Full Universal Currency Converter(tm) can be found at:

The figure shown will be based on the current exchange rate which will vary slightly from the exchange rate used at the time your transaction is processed. The final figure will depend on the exchange rate our bank uses with your Credit Card provider.

What if I don't have an email contact from a paid internet service provider?

99% of the attempts made to steal goods from us come from people using a free email service and stolen credit card numbers.

We accept free email addresses as long as the order is not paid for by credit card.  We have a range of payment methods available so if you only have access to a free email contact, please look at other payment methods accepted to pay for your order.  These can be viewed at: Payment Methods

If you wish to pay for your order by credit card and use an email contact such as,, etc. then we will require an additional email address from a paid internet service provider - this does not need to be your primary email contact, just something we can have on file for our own piece of mind.

Previous customers that have a purchase record longer than 6 months, can use a free email address, but you must quote a previous purchase transaction number to do so.

If you are unable to give an alternative email address, an exchange of messages is required to enable us to establish your identity and method of web access.  If this is a news group message, a home page or any other mention of your email address, this should be fine but just giving a free email address as your contact details isn't going to set a software file or key order transaction in motion.

Why can't I just fax or email my order through?

In order to keep our prices to a minimum, we must utilize the full services offered by the internet.  This means receiving orders in an electronic format via our Shopping Cart, which correctly calculates all prices (including any discounts that may apply), as well as providing us with all of your contact, delivery and payment information needed.

As soon as we receive your order through the Shopping Cart, we can quickly process and ship your goods without delay.